Stainless Steel Oil Drain Filter

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Home Use Appliance

Material:    Thick Stainless Steel
Function:     Oil Filter/Oil storage


1. Thickened stainless steel has good heat resistance and strong corrosion resistance
2. Filter oil and store the oil in one step, easily filter the oil residue, filter and store it in place
3. Supporting thickened filter, detachable and easy to clean
4. The eagle-shaped spout delivers oil smoothly, the spout is retracted neatly, and the dosage is controlled reasonably
5. The baffle is designed to prevent spillage and keep it clean when it is dumped.
6. With lid design, the lid is connected to the body of the kettle, and the lid can be opened easily and effectively prevents dust and insects.
7. The widened handle is comfortable and easy to hold. The thick handle is effective in preventing scalding and fits the palm of the hand. One-handed operation is effortless
8. The thickened ring bottom can be heated by induction cooker

 Packing list

1 x Oil Filter Pot

Ships From: United Kingdom
Color: 70oz