RGB LED Matrix Panel 64×32 2048 DOTS Pixels Pitch

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1.Economical and practical, with high cost-effectiveness, it is very suitable for small projects and beginners.
2.Constant current driving for uniform luminescence and low power consumption
3.The LED screen adopts a unique and sturdy design, making it easy to carry and install.
4.The display screen adopts LED tube core and lamp beads; High brightness, large viewing angle, and good color consistency; Using a driving IC, the parameter fluctuation coefficient is small; PCB board adopts large-scale integrated circuit design, with good stability
5.LED display screens can be used for various purposes and places. It can be used for advertising, banner displays, demonstrations, video displays, educational purposes, and more.

Application environment: indoor
Physical point spacing: 4mm
Unit board size: 256X128 (mm)
Resolution: 64 * 32=2048Dots
Visual angle horizontal: ≥ 160 (+10/-10) degrees
Control method: synchronous control
Mean time between failures: ≥ 5000 hours
Drive mode: Sixteen sweeps (constant current)
Service life: 75000~100000 hours
LED packaging method: SMD 2121 LED dedicated (RGB zigzag arrangement)
Red LED wavelength: 618-623nm (band error: ± 2.5n)
Red LED brightness: 200-230mcd
Green LED wavelength: 525-527.5nm (band error: ± 2.5n)
Green LED brightness: 460-530mcd
Blue LED wavelength: 470-472.5nm (band error: ± 2.5n)
Blue LED brightness: 125-145mcd
Brightness: ≥ 1500CD/㎡
Pixel spacing: 4mm
Pixel density: 62500Dots/㎡
Pixel composition: 1R1PG1PB
Structural feature: integrated light drive
Input voltage (DC): 4.8-5.5V
Maximum current: 4.7A
Maximum power of unit board: 23.5W
Usage environment: indoor
Working temperature range: -20 to 50 ℃

Package include:
Module * 1
Power cord * 1
Flat cable * 1
Screw * 4

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