Car Seat Back Cover Protector

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--Car foot pad anti-dirty pad---Protect the car seat from being soiled

--In fall or winter, naughty people usually get their shoes dirty and wet. When getting in the car, there is usually no time to wash or take off dirty shoes. Padded protection ensures that the back of the car seat is kept clean.

suitable for:

--Most vehicle models equipped with a headrest in front of the seat.

--No need to remove, wash and dry after getting dirty. You only need a damp towel at home or in a car wash, and it will be clean and reproduced. No need to wait.

--No longer be afraid of rain and snow in winter, cushions and seat covers no longer need to be removed and washed frequently.


Name: Car seat back anti-dirty cover

Size: 66x48cm

Weight: about 43 grams

Packing: OPP Pack

Material: PE film

Scope of application: suitable for family cars


Color Name: black