Mini Car Dent Auto Body Puller Removal

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Product parameters:
Product material: ABS plastic + natural rubber sole
Suction cup size: 57mm*75mm
Color: orange, black, red, yellow, blue, green
Product use: mobile phone, computer, small electrical disassemble tool
Single net weight: 36 grams

Product manual:
Durable and stable! Super suction, widely used in glass / stone / ceramic / car surface / mobile computer LCD screen and other smooth and smooth surface handling! Integrated hanging plate can also be used, multi-faceted expert
This product is used in the electronic maintenance industry. It is a practical LCD screen removal tool that can be used to disassemble the LCD screen of a mobile phone/tablet. It is suitable for the size of the LCD screen. If the device screen is large, you can purchase two, both sides of the same angle. Power can be more easily disassembled! Car suction cup repair The small size of the sunken can not be repaired.

Typical features:
1, the whole body uses high quality ABS plastic, feel good, exquisite and durable!
2, built-in full metal pull bolt, sturdy and durable, long service life!
3, the suction surface is made of natural rubber, no gas leakage, super strong adsorption, stable and not falling off!

Tip: The mobile phone LCD screen uses a suction cup, and the large-area LCD screen (portable, etc.) is operated by two!

Packing list:
1x vacuum cup

Color Name: Green