Fas General Mini Blind Cleaner, Air Conditioner Duster Dirt Cleaner Household Tool

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Fas General Microfiber Window Cleaning Brush Air Conditioner Duster Cleaner Washable Cleaning Cloth

1.Durable and long lasting

2.Designed to clean all types of blinds

3.Insert mini-blind cleaner,one roller between each slat

4. Cleans slats on mini blinds easily

5.Move mini-blind cleaner back and forth to wipe blinds clean

6.Remove mini-Blind cleaner from blind

7.Washable and rust proof, can be detachable

8.Simply grasp the handle and run the soft brushes along the slats,fast and easy to use

9.When roller becomes dirty, twist rollers to expose new cleaning surface

10.When roller becomes completely soiled, remove and wash off using mild soap and warm water

Specifications :

Color: Yellow/Orange/Green/Blue

Material: Plastic + Cotton

Size: As the picture show

Color: GN